Tower Shoot

European Tower shoots: Our european tower shoot consists of a 30ft tower in which pheasants are released. Shooters are positioned in a circle at twelve different stations approximately 75 yards out from the tower. Wooded areas surround our tower so that it gives the shooter an unknowing ability to judge flight. Birds are predicted to be moving 35-40 mph. We have a minimum of 12 shooters and a maximum of 24 shooters. Shooters rotate positions every 10-20 birds depending on the number of shooters.

European Tower Shoot Pricing: Per Person $175.00 we will have a 120 bird throw off with the minimum amount of hunters and a 240 bird throw off with the maximum hunters. This price includes ten birds per person, cleaning of harvested birds, lunch, guides and dogs. Each hunter is required to bring a dish to pass for lunch. There will be no clean up afterwards. We are doing this to keep the cost down.

Private tower shoots can be arranged and pricing will be determined at that time. Harvested birds will be split up at the end of the hunt.


Check back for future dates.

50% deposit is required to book a spot for the tower shoots by sending a check to Erienna Hunt Club Inc., 1040 Gladys Ave., Morris, IL 60450

  • No shooting during rotation moves, do not shoot at birds that may fly up during rotation.

  • Shot size 6, 7, 8 may be used

  • Upward shooting, please do not shoot low flying birds.

  • Stay in the designated shooting area

  • Regular hunting rules apply, Blaze orange, hunting license, ect.


Erienna Hunt Club (815) 955-9498